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  • Learn more about our new "Stick Stretch" class here.
  • We close at 5:30pm on Fridays and 11:30am on Saturdays

Our schedule offers a variety of times for each class to make it easy for you to maintain a regular schedule as part of a healthy lifestyle. You can also pay for classes online through PayPal by visiting our membership page.

Stick Stretch
A 30 minute training class is for all levels of fitness and designed to help you improve flexibility, gain strength, relieve stress and most importantly help you feel and move better.
Speed Demons
A 5 week physical education and athletic development program design for children to have fun, improve coordination and athleticism as well as overall fitness.
Middle School
Program designed for your middle schooler to aid his or her growth through these important years
Program designed for high school to college students; tailored for all abilities to aid your athletic development and take your game to the next level
Adult Training
Adult program focusing on improved general and specific flexibility, power, core strength, and cardio
Custom birthday parties on Saturdays / Sundays