A few weeks ago, I posted on my blog “10 Things to work on: to be strong, fit and healthy”. I basically wrote this for the general population: especially my friends, family and clients who many are just learning the right way to train for the first time. It was meant to serve as a small guide of goals to work towards. My thoughts were that it doesn’t matter if you actually reach all of those goals but that you are constantly striving to get there. A day after I posted it, I received an e-mail from a coaching friend telling me he loved the blog post but was wondering if I could write one for more advanced trainees. I thought what a great idea for an article. So here goes, 10 things to work on to be strong, fit and healthy (the advanced version).

For the first time in human history, we are the point where learning and communication with the outside world can all be accomplished via electronic means. We can literally sit on our couch changing the channels on our television with our remote control, be talking to our friends on our cell phones, and be scanning the internet for information on our IPAD, with the only movement required of our bodies being to walk to the kitchen to eat and to then to the bathroom to let it out on the other end. 30 years ago, we actually had to stand up and walk to change the channel, answer the phone or go to the library to learn something.