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Jeremy Frisch's Articles

As seen on http://optimumsportsperformance.com/blog/?p=1839 | February 14, 2011 The first snow fall each winter is always bitter sweet time for me. The great thing is that it’s time to take the kids outside and go sledding but ends my...
A few weeks ago, I posted on my blog “10 Things to work on: to be strong, fit and healthy”. I basically wrote this for the general population: especially my friends, family and clients who many are just learning the right way to train for...
Each summer as the weather gets hot and the training gets brutal, I find it important for myself and my athletes to get outside the "four walls" of the gym, away from the high-intensity pounding of sprinting, jumping, throwing and heavy...
Almost a half-century ago, a famous Finnish coach and athletic authority Lauri Pihkala said, "Boys don't be in a hurry to join the men." His warning is still applicable today and should be seriously considered in the basic training of...