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In today's world, it is too easy to be unfit. We can literally sit on our couch changing the channels on our television with our remote control, be talking to our friends on our cell phones, and be scanning the Internet for information on our iPad, with the only movement required of our bodies being to walk to the kitchen to eat.

Don't let excuses get in your way. At Achieve Performance Training we will work with you so that you can learn how to train, improve your skills, reduce injuries, and more importantly, promote lifelong freedom of movement and improved levels of fitness.

We start each athlete with a movement assessment to pin point your personal strengths and weaknesses. We then provide an introduction to training, so that you can get the most from our programs. Whether you are a triathlete looking for a personal best, or a mom who wants to develop a strong core to prevent back pain and injury, or you want to improve your explosiveness for a better jump shot in pick-up basketball, or maybe you just want to improve your overall health and how you feel about yourself, come work with our trainers and experience a more effective and fun training method.

Our Adult Group Classes combine an array of different exercise techniques and movements into a one hour long session. Classes focus on improved general and specific flexibility, power, core strength, and cardio. Classes use a variety of equipment including sandbags, medicine balls, free weights, suspension training, and resistance bands. at any given class, group members will be skipping, crawling, sprinting, squatting, and jumping. all exercises during each class can be modified to fit the members' fitness ability levels. Exercises are constantly changing to ensure progress is always being made and interest is never lost. Group classes are offered throughout the day.

Class times:

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$105 / month

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