"Stick Stretch" is a 30 minute training class is for all levels of fitness and designed to help you improve flexibility, gain strength, relieve stress and most importantly help you feel and move better.

Each class will employ using pvc sticks of varying sizes. These sticks allow the user to move their body through a complete and full range of motion on each exercise thereby helping restore or maintain flexibility and strength. Think of it as yoga meets strength training class.

stick stretch 2017Achieve Performance has successfully used many of these exercises to train all types of people from college football players, runners, police officers, firefighters and people rehabbing from injury. These exercises have been so popular with our members that we are now putting together an entire 30 minute training session.

If you are looking for a joint friendly time efficient way to exercise, you should consider giving this a try. This is a special class open to both members and non-members. Price is $10 per class or $80 for a package of 10 sessions.

Program runs continuously in 5-week increments throughout the year.

Class times:

Check hour page for class times.


$150 for 10 sessions

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