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Achieve-ing fitness at Ciccone

Published July 23, 2010 in Coulter Press

CLINTON — Professional athletes depend on being fit to make their living.

Now you can train like professional athletes … right in Clinton.

Ciccone Family Fitness, of 45 High St., has teamed with Jeremy Frisch, of Achieve Performance Training, to offer individualized training that also works for groups.

The program was launched a month ago, and is so successful that Dennis Ciccone said they need to expand it to meet the “overwhelming response.”

Frisch said bringing this program to his hometown of Clinton is a “dream come true.”

Frisch, a former football, basketball and track athlete at Clinton High School, graduated from Worcester State College with a bachelor's degree in health education and physical education. After college, he worked for the Sports Club LA in Boston as a personal trainer. He then completed an internship in strength and conditioning at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif.

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Split Stance Lifting for Athletes

Improved Training, One Leg at a Time

In any competitive industry, there comes a time when ideas are scarce and it seems like there's nothing left to "invent." One common way around this phenomenon is to add variations to the things that already work, but are becoming tiresome and overdone.

Another way of breaking through stagnant programming, or concepts in need of change, is to bring old methods back from the dead and breathe new life into them through modern application.

This is especially true in the strength and conditioning industry, where new methods of training, movements, exercises, and even lifting devices are constantly being modified, reinvented, and reintroduced to become the latest fad... again.It's like reinventing the wheel... only it's actually useful.

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